Motorcycle Accident Near Fredericksburg, VA Could Have Been Worse

Posted on Jul 14, 2011

A serious motorcycle accident could have turned fatal; if it weren't for the determination of the victim and his brother. Justin Hipple left his job in Fredericksburg and headed for his home on Bristow Road when his motorcycle left the road, crashing into a stand of trees at the intersection of Dumfries ad Bristow.  Hipple believes he fell asleep while driving, causing him to run off the road.

According to a friend of the family, Hipple woke up to find himself badly injured and lying 50 yards from the road.  He was unable to move but was eventually able to get a stick and bring his cell phone, which was broken in two pieces, close enough to grab. 

Hipple was then able to repair the phone and call his brother, Tony Hippple.  He wanted to let his brother know that he was sorry for wrecking the bike.  However, Tony was more concerned about his brother's wellbeing than the state of his motorcycle. 

Tony had already called police and, with the help of their sister, drove the route Justin took home from work.  However, the police would not help until Justin was missing for 24 hours and until the call came in from Justin they were unable to find the crash site. 

Tony found Justin shortly before the police arrived and he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries to include a collapsed lung and broken ribs.

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