Fairfax County, Virginia, Sees Many Dog Bites and Attacks

Posted on Jun 03, 2012

Animal control agents in Fairfax County, Virginia, have seen their fair share of dog bites. The last few months are no exception, with no fewer than eight reports of dangerous or biting dogs in April alone.


Dogs in Fairfax County attacked three mail carriers. In each instance, the dog bit a mail carrier and was quarantined. Although the usual quarantine for a biting dog is ten days, it is up to the discretion of animal control officials to determine an appropriate length of quarantine for any specific dog, depending on the severity of the attack and prior incidents.


In a disturbing attack, a Rottweiler allegedly attacked an 82-year-old woman. According to reports from animal control officers, the victim was bitten on Almond Street and taken to the hospital with injuries that were listed as non-life threatening.


Many Bitten While Breaking Up Fights

In a disturbing, if not uncommon trend, several victims were bitten by a dog in Fairfax County while attempting to break up a fight between two dogs.


As Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys who routinely handle dog bite cases, we have seen many people bitten by dogs as they try to stop dogs from fighting. Due to the many cases of recent dog bites in Fairfax County, we want to remind our neighbors that animal safety experts recommend you should never reach in to break up a dog fight. Doing so puts you in danger and rarely has an effect on the fighting animals.


Our Fairfax County dog bite attorneys hope that all of the people bitten by dogs are on their way to recovering fully from their injuries.

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