Dog Bite Injuries and Their Long Lasting Impact

When children are been bitten by a dog, their whole world changes. The initial concern is often their safety and health, but as time goes on it is clear that recovery involves addressing both physical and mental trauma.

Young Victims Suffer From the Most Devastating Types of Dog Bite Injuries

According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control, when dogs bite small children they most often injure the:

  • Face
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Hands

Clearly, injuries to these body parts, particularly the head, face and neck, can cause serious, even deadly injuries. As Virginia Beach dog bite lawyers we have seen the terrible impact that dog bites and attacks have on children. While adults are also bitten by dogs, children tend to suffer the longest from the attack, with the emotional impact often lasting for years.

Signs of Mental Trauma in Dog Attack Victims

We often think of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as it affects war veterans, but any traumatic event can cause the disorder. One example is dog bites. PTSD in young dog bite victims is fairly common and can affect the child for years after the attack.

According to one study, performed by psychologist Peter Levine, over half of all dog attack victims displayed symptoms of PTSD between 2 and 9 months after the incident. The most common symptoms of PTSD that children display after a dog attack include:

  • Anxiety
  • Increased fear (around dogs or in day to day life)
  • Heightened sensitivity to light or sound
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Compulsive anger or rage
  • Frequently discussing the attack
  • Mentally reliving the attack again and again

The most common stress trigger for children who have been attacked is hearing or seeing a dog. As the sight and sound of dogs is exceedingly common, children may soon be scared to leave the house, or even to do the things they used to enjoy.

The staff and attorneys at the Virginia Beach dog bite law firm of Tavss Fletcher urge you to treat both the physical and psychological wounds that dog attacks cause. Please speak with your doctor about seeing a child psychologist if there is any indication that you son or daughter has been changed by the attack.

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