Reducing Speed Can Minimize Virginia Beach Car Accidents

Many factors can lead to a Virginia Beach car accident. However, speed tends to be the biggest culprit. An accident with a car, bus, or truck can leave you with a serious injury and a lifetime of pain and suffering, especially if that accident occurs when a vehicle is traveling at excessive speeds.


Though you can’t control the speeds of those you share the Virginia roadways with, there are certain situations in which you should exercise extreme caution and slow down.


Heavy Traffic and/or Bad Weather

Remember, you do not have to drive as fast as the posted speed limit sign states. Refrain from your normal speed limit during heavy traffic or when the weather turns bad. However, do not block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. You may want to move over to a slower lane.


Around Children and Schools

Children are unpredictable and can dart into the street unexpectedly. Make sure to obey all posted speed limit signs when you are near a school. In addition, when you are driving near a school you should look for:

  • Other pedestrians
  • Bicyclists
  • Crossing guards
  • Stopped school buses


Buses, Large Trucks, and Towing Vehicles

Large vehicles such as buses, trucks, and towing vehicles have bigger blind spots, making  it more difficult to see your vehicle. Avoid passing them at high speeds. A sudden lane change by a larger vehicle can cause you to swerve out of control and off the road or into oncoming traffic.


Your Accident Injuries

Though you may be in the habit of driving at reasonable speeds, not everyone practices the same safe driving habits. Their erratic driving behavior can result in you or a loved one becoming seriously injured in a collision. Fortunately, you might be able to hold them liable for your injuries.


Our experienced team at Tavss Fletcher can help you build a successful case. Our goal is to ensure that your rights are protected and that you get the compensation you deserve. We have helped countless accident victims solve their legal challenges.


If you have been injured in an accident, call a Virginia Beach car accident attorney at Tavss Fletcher at (757) 625-1214. Let us help you start building your case today.