Virginia Beach Car Accidents: 7 Interesting Fact about Car Accidents

Car accidents are a fact of life—they happen every day. As a matter fact, auto accidents injure or claim the lives of millions of Americans each year. A car accident in Virginia Beach can have a major impact on your life, leaving you permanently injured and possibly unable to earn a living.


Seven Facts about Car Accidents

There are many facts surrounding auto accidents and the deaths and injuries resulting from them. Here are seven interesting facts about car crashes you may not know:

  1. Alcohol. Approximately 40 percent of fatal accidents involve alcohol. That number jumps to nearly 75 percent when those accidents occur between midnight and 3AM.
  2. School children. School buses, on average, claim the lives of 15 pedestrian children each year. The majority of those fatal accidents occurs right after school. Make sure your child knows about pedestrian safety when walking to or from school.
  3. Men. According to many surveys, men are twice as likely to cause an accident as women are.
  4. Teens. Drivers and passengers between the ages of 16 and 20 are more likely to be killed or injured than any other age group. Ensure your teen driver has the proper training before they get behind the wheel.
  5. Close to home. You are more likely to be involved in a car accident near your home. Most accidents generally occur within five miles of the victim’s home. Don’t assume you don’t have to buckle up because you are simply going to the store.
  6. Distracted driving. Research suggests that your risk of being involved in a car accident climbs to 400% while texting or talking on a cell phone. Consider turning off your phone or putting it in the back seat where it won’t become a distraction.
  7. Rollovers. Though there are different types of car accidents, the most deadly type of accidents are rollovers. Make sure you and your passengers are always buckled up.


What to Do if You or Someone You Love Is Injured in an Accident

No matter the type of accident you are in, the results could prove catastrophic. That is why you should speak to an experienced car accident attorney right away. At Tavss Fletcher, we have represented hundreds of Virginia car accident victims and can help you hold the negligent party responsible for your injuries


If you have been injured in a car accident, you should call a personal injury attorney in Virginia Beach at Tavss Fletcher at (757) 625-1214. Our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve.