Three BIG Mistakes Made by Virginia & North Carolina Auto Accident Victims

Hurt in a car or truck wreck in Virginia or North Carolina?  It is very important that you understand your rights and how the auto insurance game is played.  Sadly, every day auto accident victims make predictable, irreversible mistakes – mistakes that can cost them their case and leave them without the accident compensation they so desperately need to recover.


MISTAKE #1:  Oversharing.  What do we mean by oversharing?  We mean talking to the other driver, to the police, to the insurance adjuster – to anybody and everybody about your accident.  What’s the risk?  The problem is that after an accident, victims are often in shock and may say things that aren’t entirely true or that could be used against them later.  We see this time and time again – cases ruined because the victim misspoke early in the case or gave a recorded statement to the insurance company that was later used against them.  Don’t overshare!


MISTAKE #2:  Waiting too long.  Seriously injured in a car or truck crash?  Talk to an attorney NOW!  Even if you aren’t sure if you want or need an attorney, it is still in your best interest to talk to one as soon as possible so you know your options and get some free advice.  If you wait too long, witnesses may go missing, people’s memories may become foggy, insurance adjusters may become unwilling to negotiate, and the statute of limitations for your case may run out.


MISTAKE #3:  Failing to seek medical treatment.  This mistake is especially common in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area, especially with accident victims who are very attached to their car or motorcycle.  They are more worried about the property damage in an accident than they are about their own well-being!  Don’t be that guy or gal – if you are hurt in a crash, even if you don’t think it is too serious, it is best to be checked out RIGHT AWAY by a medical professional.  If it turns out later on that you were in fact injured (it happens – not all injuries are obvious) – the fact that you did not seek care right away could be used against you.


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