Virginia / NC Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Do you suspect that you were involved in a crash with a drowsy driver?  Drowsy driving – or driving while tired – is an issue that gets little attention compared to drunken driving, yet it is estimated to cause over 100,000 vehicle crashes every year according to the NHTSA.


If you were seriously injured because you were hit by a drowsy driver or because you were the passenger in the car of a person who was too tired to be driving, you may be able to secure compensation for your injuries.  Contact an experienced auto accident attorney to talk about the details of your crash.


It can be difficult to establish that a driver caused a crash because he or she was too tired to be behind the wheel, however as this problem gains attention in Virginia and North Carolina these cases will become easier to pursue.  Unlike with alcohol-related wrecks, there is no test like a breathalyzer or blood test to determine if a person is very tired, so investigators and your skilled lawyer will have to know what to look for in a drowsy driving case.


Characteristics of a typical drowsy driving crash


Car or truck wrecks involving a tired driver tend to have the following characteristics:

  • The accident typically occurs during the late night or early morning hours, or in mid-afternoon
  • The crash often occurs on a high-speed road, because people tend to nod off on long stretches of highway
  • Because drowsy driving crashes often happen on high-speed roads, they are usually very serious
  • Crashes may only involve a single vehicle that veers off the road when the driver falls asleep
  • There may be no skid marks or evasive action taken in a crash where the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel
  • Drivers in drowsy driving accidents are often alone in the car, as there are no passengers to notice that something is wrong


Hurt in a car or truck wreck?  GET HELP NOW


If you are injured because of a negligent driver, please don’t hesitate to talk with a car crash lawyer about your options.  Most motor vehicle accident attorneys will speak with you confidentially for free to go over your case and see if they can help you.  Please contact Tavss Fletcher today if you need help from an experienced Virginia or North Carolina car / truck wreck lawyer.