NHTSA May Limit Big Truck Speed Out of Concern for Tire Safety

A recent investigation into the safety of tires on big trucks revealed that trucks often travel at higher speeds than their tires are designed to handle. The study stated that most truck tires aren’t made to travel faster than 75 mph, yet many states allow trucks to travel 75, 80, and even 85 mph. As a result, large trucks can experience tire blow outs which can put those driving around them in grave danger.

Slower Speeds May Mean Fewer Tire Problems

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it may impose a limit on just how fast big trucks are allowed to go. The idea behind placing the limit is that it may prevent tires from overheating when they travel faster than the tire’s recommended speed and stop rollovers and other types of accidents from happening.

Mark Rosekind, administrator of NHTSA, announced that the administration is considering placing electronic speed regulation devices on trucks that would prevent them from traveling faster than 75 mph. This isn’t the first talk of speed regulation among trucks. In fact, the proposed regulation has faced several stalls over the last few years due to concerns about the cost of such regulation to truckers and trucking companies. Rosekind stated he will press to move the idea forward, since now he has the backing of the American Trucking Associations. He also stated he may contact states that don’t regulate truck speed about lowering their speed limits. States have had the right to set their own speed limits since Congress granted them authority to do so in the 1990s.

Fewer Tuck Accidents Should Be Everyone’s Goal

Just like NHTSA, the attorneys of Tavss Fletcher hope that this new safety measure stops tragic truck accidents from occurring in Norfolk. However, if you are still injured in such a crash, our legal team may be able to help. Contact us today to learn how.