Avoiding Dangerous Tire Blowout Risks

Every year, thousands of motorists in Virginia are injured in semi truck accidents.

The Department of Transportation estimates that out of 500,000 truck accidents a year, 50,000 are a result of tire blowouts. Think about this: how many trucks do you see on VA-168 everyday? How many times have you passed one with your entire family in the car? Now, have you ever conceived of the possibility that during one of these times, the truck’s tire could blow, and cause your family excruciatingly painful injuries?

Probably not.

However, this is an unfortunate risk that every driver must understand and protect against, when driving near big-rig trucks.

Tire Blowout Safety Tips

A truck blowout is when the air within a large truck’s tire is forcefully released all at once through a puncture, tear, or structural defect. The resulting release is quick and causes the tire to essentially explode. Shredded bits of tire will fly all over the highway, potentially striking other vehicles. The entire truck instantly becomes unstable and dangerous; only a skillful and lucky truck driver will be able to maintain control.

Fortunately, you can take proper precautions to avoid a blowout collision by always following these simple standard safety guidelines when driving near trucks:

  • Keep your distance. As a general guideline, you should try to keep at least one car length between you and a truck at all times. Not only does this allow truckers to see you, but it also gives you stopping and maneuvering space in case of a problem.
  • Pass quickly. Although you shouldn’t speed when passing a truck, you shouldn’t linger either. Staying in a truck’s blind spot increases your risk of a collision if a problem arises, and puts you in a dangerous position if a tire blows.
  • Stay calm and plan an exit strategy. If you witness a blowout, don’t panic; simply try to maneuver away from the unstable truck as safely as possible.
  • Stay alert and use your exit plan when needed. If the truck loses control, you need to be able to avoid a collision. Pull over, move off to the side, or turn into a safe place until you’re sure the trucker has the rig under control.

What to Do When Precautions Fail

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