A Valuable Resource for Parents of Teen Drivers

Partners for Safe Teen Driving is a community initiative in Virginia that offers free information for parents, schools and communities regarding safe teen driving behaviors. Their mission is to, "help communities develop a parent education program so that parents can guide their children through the first perilous years of driving."

As Virginia Beach car accident attorneys, we know that the teen driving years are, in fact, perilous. In 2010 in Virginia, 93 teenagers lost their lives during a car accident. To combat this terrible trend, Partners for Safe Teen Driving offer advice, information and parent driving training. The following list offers some practical advice for parents who want to help their teen driver avoid an accident:   

  • Know the law- In Virginia, drivers under 18 years of age are not allowed to use a cell phone or any wireless device while driving. This includes blue tooth and other hands-free devices.
  • There's an app for that- There are many apps that can be downloaded to your teen driver’s phone that block texting or talking while the car is in motion.
  • Know the facts- One way to discourage distracted driving is to learn more about just how dangerous the behavior is.
  • Do as I do- Be sure to set a good example when you drive. Refrain from using your phone or texting.
  • Speak and sign- It may be a good idea to not only discuss safe driving behaviors, but to have your teen driver sign a contract stating that your child will not speed, use the phone, or drink and drive.

Communication is Key
As you well know, talking to your teenager about anything, nonetheless about texting and driving, can be a challenge. However, it is crucial that you speak about the dangers of distracted driving often, keeping the subject fresh in the mind of your child.

For more information about the free resources available at Partners for Safe Teen Driving visit safeteendriving.org.

The staff and attorneys at the Virginia Beach personal injury law firm of Tavss Fletcher hope that through dialogue and effective prevention strategies, we can work together to lower the number of teenagers who lose their lives through auto accidents each year.

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