How to Prevent a Virginia Dog Bite or Attack

Each year in Virginia, approximately 4,000 people are seen by a doctor after a dog bite or attack. Many of these bite victims are young; ages 5-9 represent the highest rate of dog bites. In addition, the injuries that children sustain during an attack are almost always in the head, neck, and face region.

Protecting Your Children From a Dog Bite

As children are the most venerable to an attack and sustain the most injuries to the head and neck, our Norfolk, VA dog bite lawyers have put together a list of the best ways to help you and your child prevent a dog attack. Our top five Virginia dog bite prevention tips are:

  1. Never approach a dog you don't know. Even if it is on a leash, ask the owner before you pet a dog.
  2. If a dog approaches you, remain still and do not scream or run. While this can be hard, running or yelling may encourage the dog to act aggressively. A good way to remind kids of this is to remind them to "be a tree" if a strange dog approaches.
  3. Do not run, bike, or skate near dogs. Dogs love to chase and catch moving objects and they may attack if the child moves quickly.
  4. Children should never tease a dog. Teasing a dog includes: yelling or barking, throwing rocks or sticks and banging on fences.
  5. If a dog does bite, the child should roll into a ball and hold as still as possible.

As a parent, we encourage you to speak often with your child about proper dog safety. If you or your children see stray dogs in your neighborhood, do not hesitate to report the dog to your local animal control office.

Protecting the Rights of Your Child After a Virginia Dog Bite

If your child has been attacked by a dog in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or anywhere in Virginia, please know that you may very well have the right to sue for damages. Recovering from a dog bite is stressful enough without having to worry about medical bills and the cost of ongoing therapy, both physical and psychological.

For the help you need, contact a compassionate, experienced Virginia Beach dog bite attorney at 757.625.1214 for your free consultation.