National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a government agency that has been tasked with carrying out safety programs and preventing crashes nationwide.  They strive to make the nation's highways safer, more secure and more efficient.  As Virginia accident attorneys we are most concerned with what the NHTSA does to improve the safety of the drivers and bikers of our state.  We are always interested to hear the latest studies and information as they relate to motorist safety.  Please read on to learn more about the work that the NHTSA does to analyze and prevent serious car and motorcycle accidents.

  • Driving Safety- Safe driving topics include aggressive driving, bicycles, child safety, distracted driving, driver education, impaired driving, motorcycles, occupant protection, pedestrian and school bus safety.
  • Vehicle Safety- The NHTSA is responsible for, an agency that compares crash test ratings, keeps track of defects and recalls and publishes work on the latest in auto safety technology. Their vehicle safety page also gives you the latest studies, reports and information on vehicle safety to include reducing rollover accidents and the most recent Toyota recalls.
  • FARS- The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) collects fatal injury data nationwide. With this information on hand NHTSA, Congress and motorists can use it to guide their driving choices and any possible safety legislation or regulations.
  • Child Passenger Safety- NHTSA provides an easy to use five star rating system that rates the ease of use for every type of car seat. All listed seats meet Federal Safety Standards and crash performance standards. However, proper use of a seat is just as important as its safety features.


Accident attorneys see too many deaths and injuries caused by car, truck and motorcycle accidents.  We hope that by providing traffic safety information we can be a small part of reducing accidents in Virginia and North Carolina.

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