Four Tips to Avoid a Distracted Driver Auto Accident

In all aspects of today’s society we are bombarded with distractions. We are forced to live a fast-paced life that leaves little time to sit back and focus on what is necessary. When increased demands on our time arise while we are driving, they can cause significant risks of a distracted driver traffic accident.

Distracted driver accidents have become very common…and very dangerous. It has become so much of a problem that April has now been named Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The hope is that all drivers will recognize the dangers of being distracted while driving and do what they need to do to stay focused on the road.

Because we live such a fast-paced life, staying focused on the road may be easier said than done. There are a number of ways that a driver can keep himself from becoming the cause of a distracted driver accident. Four things a driver should do in order to prevent a distracted driver accident are:

  1. Turn off your phone. Many people feel that missing one call or text is going to be a big deal. While it may be a big deal, it is not more important than a life. A simple way to avoid the temptation to use a phone while driving is to turn it off. It can be turned on and used once the vehicle is stopped.
  2. Prepare your passengers. People often travel with children and pets. To avoid children and pets from becoming a distraction on the road, the driver can prepare for the trip ahead of time. Have the children fed before leaving and put them in the vehicle with their toys, games, and movies. Pets should be fed and put in a safe carrier in the car where they won’t be able to distract the driver.
  3. Eat first. Eating and driving can be dangerous. For a driver’s safety, she should consider eating before the journey begins.
  4. Adjust vehicle controls before setting out. Before heading out, a driver should prepare and adjust his vehicle. He should adjust the seats and mirrors to the right position. He should also program and adjust any electronics such as a GPS.

If you have been struck by a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about your legal options after a car accident in Virgina, call 757-625-1214 or fill out the contact form on this page.