Which Recalled Items of 2011 Were Americans Most Concerned About?

Recalls are a fact of life these days. While ideally manufacturers would work hard to produce only safe, quality items, they too often cut corners, putting you at risk.

Every year, thousands of food and non-food items are recalled and 2011 was no exception. Recently, Consumer Reports released information that Google had gathered. Google reviewed Internet search data from 2011 and came up with ten most-searched recalled items. Some were high on the list due to safety concerns, while others were strange enough to keep people searching. The top 10 most-searched recalled products of 2011 were:

  • Harley Davidson motorcycles—Across the globe, this recall affected 300,000 motorcycles. The issue involved faulty switches that caused brake lights and brakes to fail.
  • Mazda 6—This one is filed under strange-but-true. The cars were recalled due to a fire hazard caused by spiders in the cars’ fuel vents.
  • Ford F-150—In 2011 the same truck model was recalled again and again. Issues included door handles that could open during an accident, air bag problems and a faulty fuel tank strap. 
  • B.O.B. Strollers—Parents and caregivers searched heavily for recall news involving the high-end stroller. Over 800,000 B.O.B. strollers were recalled in 2011 for a strangulation hazard.   
  • Turkey—Recalled turkey meat was not only jive, it was linked to at least one death and 80 cases of food-borne illnesses. Two recalls, one involving 27 tons of turkey burgers and another 18,000 tons of ground turkey had a serious impact on consumer search rates and buying trends. 

What to Do When Products Fail

As the number of recalls continues to climb, many people want to know what they can do if they are hurt by a defective product. Our Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys ask that you first report your concern to SaferProducts.gov. Doing so can ensure your complaint is heard, and may end up preventing injuries and deaths.

Next, be sure to contact a Virginia Beach defective product attorney with the skills and experience needed to defend your rights. Too many times, the injured or sickened person is made to feel as if they are at fault. You have been hurt by a dangerous product, do not sit quietly by. Call 757.625.1214 today and make an appointment with an experienced Virginia Beach injury attorney at Tavss Fletcher.