Road Rash Caused by a Motorcycle Accident- Treatment and Complications

Though many think of road rash as a minor, easily treated injury, it can be associated with other, more serious and long lasting injuries.  "Road Rash", as it is commonly called is another name for an abrasion, scrape or laceration caused by the impact of skin against a hard surface.  In this article we will be discussing abrasions caused by motorcycle accidents

  • Road rash in motorcycle accidents- In this case the victim is often traveling at a high rate of speed, therefore the friction between skin and pavement can cause a more serious form of road rash. The fall can cause both the outer layer and inner layer of skin to be rubbed or torn from the body. In addition, the scrape may be deep enough to affect the underlying bone, muscle and nerves.
  • Complications- Even if the abrasion is not terribly deep it can be extremely painful. Many nerve endings are exposed when the skin is scraped away, making this type of wound more painful than one might expect. The large surface area of the wound can also increase the risk of infection. If the infection sets in and the wound is deep enough this complication can be extremely dangerous.
  • Treatment- The treatment of road rash depends on the severity of the wound. If you have any questions as to the depth or extent of the wound please see a doctor. A physician can properly clean the wound, assess the damage and perform necessary treatments.


Our staff and attorneys hope that this article has helped you better understand the sometimes serious injury commonly known as road rash.  If you have been injured during a motorcycle accident please contact your experienced Virginia Beach personal injury attorney at Tavss Fletcher today for your free consultation.