Speeding Accidents- Their Impact in Virginia

Speeding is something we are all guilty of.  Running late, we figure going five, even ten or fifteen MPH over the speed limit is fine.  However, for each mile per hour over the speed limit a car travels the chance of being in an accident increases.  According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) speeding is cited as a major factor in nearly one-third of motor vehicle crashes.  In Virginia, our personal injury attorneys have seen the terrible impact speeders make.  Injuries in speeding accidents are often worse; as the faster a car travels the more damage it can do. 

Nationwide Speed Limits and Their Impact on Accident Reduction

For twenty years before 2005, speed limits were capped nationwide.  However, in 2005 the policy was repealed.  After the repeal many states raised their speed limits.  In 1999 and 2003, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety studied the effects of the repeal.  Safety experts concluded, both times, that higher travel speeds on rural interstates was responsible for an average 35 percent increase in accident death rates. 

Reducing Accident Rates Caused by Speeding

Due to these findings the GHSA did a survey of states to see what speed reduction efforts each state was making.  Some of the issues surrounding speeding on a state level were:

  • Drivers have the perception that they can get away with going five or ten MPH over the speed limit.
  • Speeding related crashes or citations are likely grossly underreported as many states do not have a reliable data base for such information.
  • Aggressive driving is only defined by a few state's statutes. Aggressive and reckless driving generally include speeding.

To help reduce the number of speeding related accidents, the GHSA has asked that the National Highway Travel Safety Administration (NHTSA) actively endorse speeding and red-light camera programs, that they conduct more speeding related research and that a national anti-speeding campaign is developed.


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