Ways You Can Cut Down on the Costs of Getting Divorced

Wedding Ring on Top of US MoneyGetting divorced can be an emotionally draining experience. It can also be expensive if you and your spouse do not agree on an uncontested divorce, and you must fight about the grounds for your divorce, property settlement issues, or custody of your children. Here are five tips on how to reduce the cost of your divorce.

1. Educate Yourself

It is important to educate yourself on the Virginia laws that will apply to your divorce. This will help you understand your rights and avoid disagreements about some issues in your divorce. At Tavss Fletcher, we provide you with the information you need in our library articles, blog articles, and FAQs about divorce in our state. Our experienced family law attorneys are also here to answer your questions.

2. Reduce Litigation

Your attorney fees will be more expensive if you must litigate many of the issues that have to be resolved in your divorce. One way to reduce these costs is to come to an agreement with your partner. Two options that can help with this are:

  • Mediation. If you choose to go through mediation, you and your spouse will select a mediator who would help you both reach an agreement about the issues you are fighting about. This can help you change a contested divorce to an uncontested divorce, which could save you lots of money.
  • Collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse would work together with a team you select before filing a divorce so that the goals and needs of both sides are met. Your attorneys would draft a settlement agreement that addresses all of the issues in your divorce once the process is completed. You would then file a no-contest divorce to finalize your divorce after you have been separated for the time required in Virginia.

3. Cut Down on Emails and Telephone Calls

While it is important to get your questions answered and be updated on the status of your divorce, you need to remember that your lawyer will have to charge you for responding to emails or talking to you on the telephone. You can reduce your attorney fees by writing down a list of questions to ask in one conversation with your lawyer and contacting them for an update only when you really need one.

4. Stay Organized

Your attorney will need many financial and legal documents, such as deeds, tax returns, and bank and investments statements, to review your situation and provide them to your spouse’s lawyer. Have these documents organized and respond quickly when your attorney requests them. This will speed up the divorce process and avoid your lawyer charging you to obtain this information from a third party.

5. Get Therapy If You Need It

You may want to vent about the emotional issues you are experiencing due to your divorce. While your lawyer will be sympathetic and listen, they will have to charge you for these conversations. In addition, they are not trained as a therapist. It is better and less expensive to go through mental health counseling if you feel this could be helpful.

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