Four Reasons You Need a Virginia Divorce Attorney

Divorce is quite common in our modern society. But frequency does not negate the fact that a divorce can take a heavy toll on the health and finances of a person dealing with a divorce. Someone going through a divorce is often left depressed, confused, and emotionally scarred. The feelings of loneliness and hurt can seem unbearable at times.

Unfortunately, many of those who are going through a divorce decide to go it alone. They often feel that they know what they want from the divorce, and they think they can get that alone. This can lead to a very difficult journey, especially if the spouse has hired a Norfolk divorce attorney.

Whether the divorce is going to litigation or will be settled out-of-court court, it is always important to use an attorney. Four ways a divorce attorney can help are:

  • Your attorney can deepen your understanding. The divorce process can get quite complicated. Not understanding how a divorce works can be frustrating. An attorney will be able to break down the whole divorce process and help his client understand each step.
  • Your attorney can prepare papers. A Virginia divorce lawyer will be able to help by preparing the divorce papers. The papers should be prepared in a manner that the judge will readily approve to finalize the divorce.
  • Your attorney can negotiate with the other party. During a divorce, assets and debts must be split up between the spouses. Child custody and child support must be determined. An experienced divorce attorney can help to come to a fair settlement that both partners can live with.
  • Your attorney can help emotionally. A divorce can be very emotional, especially when having to deal with a spouse who is difficult. An attorney can take much of the emotions out of it by being the “middle man.”

If you are going through a divorce, you will benefit a great deal by using an experienced Norfolk divorce attorney at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today to confer with our family law team.