Tips on Selecting the Right Physician to Treat Your Injuries in an Auto Collision

Even if you were in a minor car accident that caused little damage to your automobile, you could suffer serious, long-term injuries. It is crucial that you obtain prompt medical care within 48 hours of your crash—even if you are not experiencing symptoms yet and do not believe you were injured. Once you receive the initial medical treatment you need, it is important to follow up by finding the right doctor to treat your injuries.

How to Choose the Right Doctor After a Car Crash

Doctor Under a Magnifying GlassObtaining proper medical care for your injuries protects your health and will help you recover from your injuries. In addition, receiving treatment from the right physician will strengthen your claim for compensation against the negligent driver and their insurance company.

Doctors can help prove your injuries were caused by the auto accident, the seriousness of your injuries, and the types of medical treatments you need now and in the future. Here are tips on how to select the right doctor.

Don’t Rely on Your Primary Physician

You should not rely on your primary care doctor to treat your injuries. Most primary care doctors will not specialize in treating the injuries you suffered in an auto collision and often do not want to deal with insurance claims.

Avoid an Injury Mill Doctor

Do not select a settlement mill doctor who works with a legal referral service or is referred to you at the emergency room. Settlement mill doctors often inflate their medical bills, provide you with inadequate care, and may have a bad reputation with auto insurance companies.

Choose a Specialist

You need to select a doctor who specializes in treating the injuries you suffered in your accident. The right doctor will order the diagnostic tests you need, refer you to other specialists, such as physical and occupational therapists, and give you a prognosis on the future medical treatments you may need if you will not fully recover from your injuries.

Verify the Physician Works With Accident Victims

When selecting a doctor, you need to be certain that they have worked with car crash victims in the past. Experienced doctors will understand how to properly document your injuries and the medical care you need and will be able to give an opinion on how your accident caused your injuries. This will help you defeat arguments by the insurance company to try to deny your claim or pay you less than you deserve in your settlement.

Retain a Lawyer

You should hire an experienced car accident attorney to file your claim and negotiate your settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. An attorney can work with your doctor to obtain an expert opinion and the medical documentation you need to prove your right to compensation for your injuries.

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