Hiring These Experts Could Help You Win Your Truck Crash Case

When you suffer injuries in a truck accident that was caused by a negligent truck driver, you want the strongest case possible so that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Truck Crash Cases and Expert WitnessesWhile an expert witness will not be needed in every truck wreck case, an expert can be helpful to resolve disputes with the trucker’s or trucking company’s insurance company that is preventing your claim from being settled. If you must take your case to trial, an expert witness can help you convince the jury of the truck driver’s or trucking company’s negligence and the severity of your injuries. An experienced truck accident attorney can advise you on whether or not you need an expert and will have qualified experts that he has used in the past that he can turn to on your behalf.

Expert Witnesses That You May Need to Retain

An expert is someone who is qualified in a particular field based on his education, work experience, and training. Not every person who works in a profession will be qualified to testify in court, which is why you need the assistance of an experienced attorney in hiring any experts to support your claim. Common experts that are used in truck collision cases include:

  • Accident reconstruction expert. If the cause of your truck accident is in dispute, you may need to retain an accident reconstruction expert. He can use the police report, inspection of the accident scene and vehicles involved in the wreck, pictures, witness statements, and other information to recreate the moments leading to your accident to show that the truck driver—and not you—is the negligent party.
  • Medical experts. Your attorney will very likely hire a medical expert who can testify as to the seriousness of your injuries, the treatments you needed and will need in the future, and your final prognosis. While your treating doctor may be an expert in your case, your attorney may also decide to use another non-treating physician as your expert. Physical therapists and other medical professionals may also be qualified as experts in your case.
  • Mental health experts. Do you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or another mental health condition due to the trauma of your accident and injuries? A social worker, psychologist, or other mental health expert may be needed to explain the mental condition that you suffer from and the treatments that you need.
  • Occupational experts. If you are unable to return to your former job but could continue to work in another profession, an occupational expert can explain how your injuries will affect your ability to work, the types of work you can perform, and the training you would need. If you are completely disabled, he could explain why your injuries prevent you from working in any profession.
  • Economic experts. Calculating your future medical expenses and future wage losses can be complicated, especially if you must make a career change or can no longer work. Your attorney may need to retain an economic expert to prove your right to these future damages.

For many reasons, retaining an experienced truck accident attorney is essential if you are injured in a truck accident. Fill out our online form today to schedule your free consultation to learn about our extensive experience helping victims of these devastating accidents and the compensation that you may receive for your injuries.