Strong Evidence Is Essential to Successfully Settling a Pedestrian Collision Claim

Injured Pedestrian Sitting in the Middle of a Road in VirginiaIf you want to hold the negligent driver who caused your pedestrian accident responsible for fully compensating you for your injuries, you need to have a strong case against them. You will need to prove that their negligence caused your crash, the seriousness of your injuries, and the amount of damages you should recover.

How do you prove your case? You need to collect evidence that establishes all the elements of your claim.

Crucial Evidence Needed in Pedestrian Accident Cases

You need to start collecting evidence at the scene of your collision. Even if you believe you have an open and shut case against the at-fault motorist, you can never have enough evidence.

Types of Evidence That Can Help Settle a Pedestrian Accident Claim

  • Police report. You should contact the police at the crash scene and obtain a copy of the police report. It will contain helpful information, such as the details about how the collision occurred, the officer’s conclusions as to who was negligent, and any traffic citations issued to the driver.
  • Witness statements. You should obtain the contact information of any witnesses who saw how your pedestrian accident happened. Eyewitnesses who do not know you and have no stake in your claim can be especially persuasive witnesses that can help you prove the driver’s negligence.
  • Photos and video. Take photos and a video of the collision scene, damage to the vehicle that struck you, and your injuries. They may help determine the cause of your accident and can be compelling evidence to show the jury if your case goes to trial.
  • Medical records. Good medical records are essential when filing a claim for compensation for your injuries with the negligent driver’s insurance company. They will help you prove that your injuries were caused by the collision, how serious they are, and the treatments you need. Save all your medical bills because they will help you establish the medical expenses you should be reimbursed for.
  • Paystubs. You will need to keep your paystubs and other documents from your employer that will help you prove the lost wages and other perks of your job you lost while you were recovering from your injuries.
  • Insurance policy. You will need to obtain a copy of the driver’s insurance policy to determine how much liability insurance coverage they have to compensate you for your injuries.
  • Expert witnesses. If the insurance company is raising disputes about your claim, you may need to hire expert witnesses, such as an accident reconstruction expert, medical expert, or economic expert, to refute their arguments and help prove your case.

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