Major Causes of U-Turn Auto Crashes

No U-Turn Sign at an Intersection in NorfolkEven if legal, a U-turn on a busy Norfolk road can be dangerous and lead to a serious car accident. These collisions often involve oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycle riders who have the right-of-way. In many cases, the driver who was making the U-turn will be the negligent party responsible for compensating injured victims.

Are U-Turns Legal in Virginia?

U-turns are legal in Virginia, but only in limited circumstances. Here is when a driver can—and can’t—make a U-turn:

  • U-turns are only permitted at intersections.
  • U-turns are prohibited when there is a no U-turn sign, which is common on highways and at many intersections.
  • U-turns are also prohibited on a curve, on the approach or near a crest grade, or if other drivers cannot see the vehicle making a U-turn from 500 feet when approaching from any direction.

Causes of U-Turn Auto Crashes

Careless drivers cause U-turn car accidents for a number of reasons. Common causes include:

  • Illegal. Making a U-turn when it is illegal to do so is dangerous and a common reason drivers cause accidents. These collisions can be especially deadly when a driver makes an illegal U-turn on a highway.
  • Weather. Poor weather conditions, such as fog, heavy rain, or ice, can make visibility and traction poor. This can make it impossible to execute a U-turn safely.
  • Right-of-way. When a U-turn is legal, the driver must yield the right-of-way to vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. He must be able to smoothly execute the U-turn in the time and space allowed to make it. Many drivers misjudge these factors and cause collisions.
  • Improper location. Making a U-turn from an improper location, such as a parking space, on the side of the road, or the right lane of two left-turn lanes increases the likelihood that a person will cause a wreck.

If you were injured in a U-turn or other type of car accident in Norfolk, our experienced car accident attorneys are here to file your claim and negotiate your settlement so that you receive what you deserve. Call our office to schedule a free consultation to learn about your legal options and to get your questions answered.