Why Dangerous Rush Hour Auto Collisions Happen on Virginia Roads

Cars in Busy Rush Hour TrafficNorfolk and Virginia Beach roads can be especially congested during rush hour because so many drivers are going to and from work. Unfortunately, frustrated drivers can engage in unsafe driving practices, and car accidents are prevalent during rush hour. If you were injured in an auto crash when the road was heavily congested, you need to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer about your right to compensation for your injuries.

Common Dangers on Congested Roads That Lead to Car Crashes

Many factors make driving during rush hour especially dangerous. Common reasons negligent drivers cause tragic accidents during rush hour include:

  • Distracted driving. When traffic slows to a crawl or stops, drivers are more likely to engage in distracted driving practices, such as talking and texting on a cellphone, eating and drinking, or fiddling with their instrument controls. In the seconds their eyes are off the road, they can cause a crash.
  • Speeding and lane changes. Motorists who get impatient when traffic stalls in rush hour can speed or make unsafe lane changes to move through traffic more quickly, resulting in an auto wreck.
  • U-turns. Drivers sometimes make unsafe U-turns to get out of or avoid slow-moving or stopped traffic. Unfortunately, they can cause a rear-end collision if they must back up or a T-bone crash when trying to turn their vehicle around.
  • Road rage. Impatience with how slow traffic is moving can escalate into road rage. Drivers experiencing road rage can tailgate another vehicle, weave between lanes, or make other bad decisions that put other motorists in danger.  
  • Multi-vehicle wrecks. Because there is little room to maneuver in congested traffic, a negligent driver who causes a rear-end collision or another type of accident can start a chain reaction that results in a multi-vehicle crash.

Five Steps to Take If You Are Injured in a Rush Hour Accident

If you are involved in a crash during rush hour, you should take these five steps to protect your right to compensation for your injuries and protect your health:

  1. Call for an ambulance if you need immediate medical care or be examined by a physician within 72 hours of the crash.
  2. Contact the police at the collision scene and obtain a copy of the police report.
  3. Obtain the contact information for the at-fault driver, their insurance company, and any eyewitnesses.
  4. Take photos of the accident scene, damages to the vehicles, your injuries, and anything else you believe would be helpful.
  5. Retain a skilled car accident attorney to file your claim and negotiate your settlement.

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