Common Injuries That Victims Sustain in Truck Crashes Caused by Negligent Truckers

Commerical Truck Wreck That Caused Serious Injuries to the Car PassengersWhen an 80,000-pound commercial truck hits an automobile, the victims are primarily the occupants of the passenger vehicle. In 2016, 3,986 people were killed in these accidents and thousands more suffered debilitating injuries. If you or a family member was hurt in a truck collision, you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent trucker, trucking company, and other liable parties.

Serious Injuries Caused by Truck Collisions

Because of the massive size and weight of a truck, the injuries sustained by the victims are often catastrophic. Here are common injuries that people sustain:

  • Head and brain injuries. When a person’s head sustains a blunt force injury or is shaken violently during a truck wreck, it can cause head and brain injuries, such as a skull fracture, hematoma, or traumatic brain injury. This can lead to permanent brain damage that can dramatically affect an individual’s hearing, vision, mobility, reasoning, concentration, memory, and more.
  • Amputations. A body part can be severed during the crash or an amputation could be required if an arm, leg, finger, or other body part is too severely damaged to be saved. While a prosthesis may help with mobility, a victim will most likely need replacements of it and other medical care throughout his life.
  • Burns. Burns are common if the truck was containing hazardous materials or the crash caused a diesel or gasoline fire. Victims can suffer nerve damage, disfigurement, scarring, and psychological injuries due to a terrifying fire.
  • Spinal cord injuries. If the spinal cord is injured in a wreck, an individual may suffer partial or complete paralysis that can prevent him from working or taking care of his day-to-day needs. This long-term care can cost well over a million dollars.
  • Back and neck injuries. Victims can sustain injuries to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck and back that can require long-term care. In some cases, the person never fully recovers and must live with chronic pain and limitations of movement.
  • Internal organ damage. Internal organ damage to the bladder, liver, kidney, pancreas, and spleen and internal bleeding can be life-threatening and require immediate medical care. These injuries can be difficult to treat and can cause lifelong disabilities.

If you suffered an injury in a truck crash, you need an experienced truck accident attorney who understands the regulations governing truckers and trucking companies and the unique challenges in these claims. Schedule your free consultation with a member of our legal team to learn about your options and how we have helped other clients successfully settle claims similar to yours.