Catastrophic Injuries You Could Suffer in an Auto Wreck Caused by a Negligent Driver

Many Car Accident Victims Suffer Catastrophic InjuriesWhile some people involved in an auto accident will suffer no injuries or less serious ones that they recover from, other victims will not be so lucky. Many victims can suffer catastrophic injuries that will leave them partially or completely disabled. This not only changes their own lives forever, but also the lives of their families due to the high cost of the victim’s medical care, loss of wages, and his need for assistance on a daily basis. If a negligent driver was the cause of the person’s life-altering injuries, he may be responsible for compensating the victim for both his past and future damages.

Common Catastrophic Injuries That Accident Victims Suffer

Catastrophic injuries are caused by the blunt force of an auto collision—sometimes where the vehicles are traveling at a relatively slow speed. Distracted driving, intoxication, speeding, and not driving for weather conditions are some of the reasons that motorists cause victims to suffer these injuries. In the most severe cases, a catastrophic injury can cause the injured person’s death. Common catastrophic injuries include:

  • Head and brain injuries. Brain and head injuries can be caused by the blunt force of the wreck or the penetration of the skull and brain by an object. A victim can suffer a skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, or traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can cause permanent brain damage that can affect the person’s ability to move, speak, reason, concentrate, and much more.
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries. If the victim’s head is jerked back and forth violently in a collision, it can cause his neck to break, which can lead to instant death. If the spinal cord is injured, a person can suffer partial or complete paralysis that can result in permanent disability.
  • Burns. When a vehicle catches on fire in the crash or a person is ejected and dragged on the road, he can suffer serious burns that damage all layers of his skin and cause nerve damage. He could be forced to live with permanent scarring and disfigurement and require years of medical care and psychological counseling.
  • Amputations. An amputation can occur in a number of ways in a car accident. The force of the impact can cause the severing of a body part, such as an arm, hand, or leg. In other cases, the bones may be crushed or otherwise fractured so severely that a body part cannot be saved and an amputation may be necessary.
  • Internal injuries. Internal bleeding and organ damage are also common catastrophic injuries in car wrecks. These injuries often require immediate surgery and can be life-threatening.

Did you or a loved one suffer a catastrophic injury in a car accident caused by another driver? Our experienced car accident attorneys are here to take over the burden of fighting for the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on your medical treatment and recovery. To learn more, call our office to schedule your free consultation.