What should I do if I get in a car accident out of state?

Three Vehicle Car Wreck That Involves Out of State VisitorsGetting injured in an auto crash caused by a negligent driver in another state can make the experience even more traumatic and confusing. Who will compensate you for your injuries? What steps do you need to take? Here is what you need to know so that your legal right to compensation for your injuries is protected.

Insurance Coverage in Out-of-State Car Collisions

The good news is that you have insurance coverage under your own auto insurance policy for car accidents that happen in another state. In addition, all states—including Virginia—require residents to maintain a certain minimum amount of auto insurance to cover injuries and property damages in a collision that they cause.

Which State Laws Will Apply to Your Crash?

The laws of the state where your accident occurred will be the ones that you must follow when filing your claim. If you must file a civil lawsuit, you would most likely need to do so in the state where the collision happened.

Six Steps You Need to Take Following Your Accident

You should take the same steps you would take if your collision happened where you live when it happens in another state:

  • Get medical care. Obtain immediate medical care for apparent injuries. Even if you do not believe you were hurt, you should be examined by a doctor within 48 hours of your crash to be certain you have not suffered hidden injuries and to avoid disputes with the other driver’s insurance company about their cause.
  • Contact the police. Call the police at the accident scene and obtain a copy of the police report. It will contain crucial information that can help you prove the other motorist caused your auto crash.
  • Exchange contact information. You should obtain the contact information for any drivers involved in the wreck and their insurance companies. You also must get contact information for any eyewitnesses who can testify about how the crash occurred and who was at fault.
  • Take pictures. You should take pictures of the accident scene, damage to the vehicles, your injuries, and anything else you believe will be helpful.
  • Contact your insurance company. It is important to report the collision to your own insurance company. Your contract with them most likely requires you to do this, and it will protect your rights if you decide you must file a claim with them.
  • Retain a local attorney. If your car accident occurred out of state, you should retain a local lawyer in the state where it occurred. He will understand the laws and procedures that must be followed when you file your claim and a civil lawsuit if this becomes necessary.

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