Does the attorney-client privilege protect me when filing a car accident claim?

Client Talking to a Lawyer in ConfidenceIf you were injured in an auto collision caused by a negligent driver in Virginia, you are much more likely to obtain all the compensation you deserve for your injuries if you hire a knowledgeable car accident lawyer to settle your claim. An added benefit of retaining an attorney is that the attorney-client privilege would protect your conversations with them.

What Is the Attorney-Client Privilege?

The attorney-client privilege protects your communications with your lawyer, and they are not allowed to share your conversations with them with other individuals. It protects your communications through in-person appointments, phone calls, texts, emails, and correspondence. For your communications to be protected, these requirements must be met:

  • There must be an attorney-client relationship between you and your lawyer, and you both must understand that this relationship exists between you.
  • Your attorney acted in their official capacity as your lawyer when you communicated with them.
  • You were communicating with your attorney to obtain legal advice from them.
  • You expected the communications to be confidential.

What Are the Benefits of the Attorney-Client Privilege?

When the attorney-client privilege protects your communications with your lawyer, it will give you the freedom to discuss any potential problems, questions, or concerns you have with them. This helps you learn how specific issues could affect your claim’s strength while knowing that what you say will not be disclosed to others, such as the insurance company.

This also helps your lawyer. They need to know everything about how your car accident occurred, your injuries, and potential problems in your case to effectively represent you. They will be better prepared to deal with an issue if the insurance adjuster raises it to try to deny your claim or reduce the compensation the insurance company pays you.

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