Do I need a premises liability attorney if I was bitten by a dog?

Aggressive Dog Showing His Teeth While Pulling on His LeashYou may wonder if you should retain an experienced premises liability lawyer if you suffered injuries after a dog bite. Fortunately, the answer is easy. If you want to win your case, you should hire an attorney immediately after being bitten.

How Can a Lawyer Help Settle a Dog Bite Claim?

Under Virginia’s dog bite laws, you may be entitled to compensation if a dog bit or attacked you and you suffered injuries. However, getting the insurance company to offer you a fair settlement can be difficult—even if the dog’s owner is clearly liable. Here is how a skilled premises liability attorney can help you:

  • Investigate. A lawyer will investigate the circumstances surrounding your dog bite and collect the evidence you need to win your claim.
  • Identify liable parties. An attorney will determine the dog’s owner and any other negligent parties responsible for compensating you. Identifying all the responsible parties increases the likelihood that you will receive the maximum recovery you deserve in your settlement.
  • Hire expert witnesses. Depending on the disputes the insurance company raises when you file your claim, you may need to retain an expert witness to resolve the issue or prove your case at a jury trial. A skilled lawyer will know which expert witnesses you need and have a network of qualified ones to choose from.
  • Negotiate your settlement. Your lawyer will take over communications with the insurance company and negotiate your settlement with them. They will have strategies to defeat the insurance adjuster’s arguments as to why your claim should be denied or why you should not receive as much money as you are requesting.
  • File a lawsuit. If the insurance company refuses to be reasonable or the statute of limitations to sue will expire soon, you need a lawyer licensed to practice law in Virginia to file a lawsuit on your behalf and litigate your claim.

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