Can an employer be liable for a car accident caused while an employee was driving for work?

Two Car Wreck Caused by a Work EmployeeIf the driver who caused your auto collision was driving while on the job, they would be liable for compensating you for your injuries under Virginia law. You may also be able to hold their employer responsible for paying your damages. Here is why you would want to file a claim with their insurance company too.

Ways to Hold an Employer Liable for Compensating You

There are a number of legal claims that you could have against a negligent driver’s employer. Three common claims that may help you include:

  • Negligent hiring. If an employer hired someone who had a poor driving record or was unqualified to drive for work, you may have a negligent hiring claim against the employer.
  • Negligent supervision. Employers also have a duty to supervise their employees and to have safety procedures that must be followed when employees are on the road. When they fail to fulfill these duties or do not check an employee’s driving record for traffic offenses or a DUI, they could face liability for negligent supervision of the driver.
  • Vicarious liability. Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees if the employees were acting in the course of their employment. If the person who hit you was driving for their job and not for personal reasons when they struck your vehicle, their employer could be found negligent under this legal theory.

Why it Is Important to File a Claim With the Employer’s Insurance Company

Whenever you must file a car accident claim or other personal injury claim, you want to file claims with the insurance companies for all potentially at-fault parties. By doing this, you increase the chances of there being enough insurance coverage to pay all the compensation you are entitled to in your settlement. The employer will almost certainly have far more insurance than their employee to pay you what you are owed.

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