What documents should I bring to my first appointment with my car accident attorney?

Car Accident Attorney Reviewing Important Documents at an Initial MeetingWhen you are meeting with car accident attorneys to determine which one to hire, you have two objectives. The first is to interview the lawyers to find out their experience handling these cases and whether you believe that they would be the right one for you. You also want to obtain legal advice about your claim against the negligent driver. Bringing relevant documents to your consultation can help the attorney evaluate your case.

Documents That You Should Bring to Your Initial Consultation With a Lawyer

While a lawyer will want you to give him a detailed statement about how your crash occurred and the injuries that you sustained, he will also need to review certain documents before giving you legal advice about your claim. Here are some helpful documents to bring:

  • Police report
  • Pictures of the crash scene and damage to the vehicles
  • Medical bills and records
  • Your insurance policy and declaration page
  • Witness statements
  • Paystubs and other documentation of your lost wages
  • Any correspondence or documents that you received from the negligent driver’s insurance company
  • Any other information that you believe will be helpful, such as contact information for the at-fault driver, his insurance company, witnesses, and your doctor

You also want to bring a list of questions to ask the attorney. Be certain to let him know at the beginning of your appointment that you have questions. That way he can leave time for them. Some questions that should be on your list include:

  • How many car accident cases has he handled and how many has he won?
  • What percentage of his practice is representing victims of car collisions?
  • How many of these cases has he taken to trial? What was the outcome?
  • How would the attorney handle your case?
  • How long will your case take?
  • What is the approximate value of your claim?
  • Will this attorney handle your case? If not, who will, and can you meet him?
  • How much would the attorney charge for his services in your case?

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