What type of doctor should I see after a car accident?

Doctor's Appointment CalendarNo matter how extensive or minor the damage is to your vehicle, you could suffer serious injuries in an auto accident. If another driver caused your collision, you may be able to file a claim for compensation with their insurance company. Seeing the right doctors is essential to protecting your health and building a winning case so that you receive all the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Why You Always Need to See a Doctor After an Accident

Getting prompt medical care after an auto crash is crucial. You should be examined by a doctor within two days of your auto collision, even if you believe you are fine. Whiplash, back and spinal injuries, brain injuries, and internal bleeding are a few of the serious injuries you may not realize you suffered until days or longer after your crash since you may not experience symptoms right away.

You avoid an injury getting worse or turning into a life-threatening emergency by getting medical care right after your wreck. In addition, this helps you prove that your injuries were caused by the collision and that they are serious enough to entitle you to compensation.

In addition, you need to take these steps to protect your health and avoid disputes with the insurance company:

  • Follow all of your physician’s instructions.
  • Go to all of your appointments with your doctor, physical therapists, and others who are treating your injuries.
  • Do not have any gaps in your medical treatment for your injuries.

Types of Physicians You May Need to See

The types of medical treatments and doctors you need will depend on what injuries you suffered and how serious they are. They could include:

  • Emergency room doctor. If you suffered a life-threatening or apparent serious injury, you should be examined by an emergency room doctor immediately. You should either be transported there by ambulance or have someone drive you there.
  • Urgent care. If you do not need to go to the emergency room, you should be examined at urgent care if you start experiencing symptoms in the hours or days after your crash or cannot be seen by your doctor right. The benefit of going to urgent care is that you do not need an appointment and can get fast treatment for your injuries.
  • Primary physician. You should schedule an appointment with your primary doctor within a day or two of the wreck if you think your injuries can wait or do not believe you were hurt. However, you should be aware that some doctors do not want to see car accident victims because they do not bill to insurance companies or do not want to testify in court. Go to urgent care in this situation.
  • Specialists. Your primary doctor will most likely refer you to a specialist, such as a surgeon, neurologist, or orthopedic physician, specializing in treating your injuries if you suffered a serious injury.

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