Can I switch attorneys in the middle of my car accident case?

Client Holding a You're Fired! Sign You have the right to change the lawyer representing you at any time in your auto accident case. However, you do not want to do so without considering whether this is really necessary and how it could impact on your claim.

When You May Need to Change Lawyers

Firing your lawyer is a drastic step, and you should first attempt to resolve your concerns with him. Schedule an appointment in person or over the phone to discuss the issues that are making you wonder if he is the right lawyer for your case.

However, there are situations where you may decide that changing attorneys is your best option. They include:

  • He is making little or no progress in settling your claim.
  • He will not answer your questions or explain the strategy and next steps in your case.
  • Your emails or phone calls to him are not answered or your appointments are constantly canceled.
  • You have discovered that he does not have sufficient experience in handling car accident cases.
  • You discovered he is engaging in unethical behaviors, such as lying or falsifying documents.

What You Need to Do If You Decide to Change Lawyers

Once you make the decision to switch attorneys, you should retain a new one before discharging your current one. This is especially important if you are in the middle of a lawsuit. You will need to research your choices and interview them. You should inform the potential candidates that you are currently represented but want to switch lawyers. Keep in mind that some attorneys will not want to take your case in this situation.

After you retain a new attorney, he can help you to notify your former attorney that you are discharging him. You may owe him attorney fees for the work he has performed on your case. Your new lawyer can negotiate the amount to be paid to him out of your settlement.

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