Will my car accident attorney deal with the insurance company for me?

Frustrated Car Accident Victim on the Phone With the Insurance CompanyDealing with a negligent driver’s insurance company can be a frustrating experience if you suffer injuries and are handling your claim on your own. It is strongly preferable to retain an experienced car accident lawyer who will take over negotiations with the insurance company.

Reasons Not to Deal With the Insurance Company on Your Own

Even if you have a strong claim against the at-fault driver, you cannot count on the insurance company to treat you fairly. An insurance company will often do everything they can to weaken your case so they can deny your claim or force you to accept less damages in your settlement. Ways they do this if you do not have a lawyer include:

  • Offer you a low-ball settlement offer
  • Get you to make a statement that hurts your claim
  • Ask you to sign documents that waive your rights
  • Get you to give a recorded statement
  • Drag out settlement negotiations in hopes that you will miss the statute of limitations to file your lawsuit

How Having an Attorney Communicate With the Insurance Company Can Help You

You should retain a skilled car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your collision. Here is how having a lawyer take over communications with the insurance adjuster can help you:

  • Avoid mistakes. Having an attorney talk to the insurance adjuster on your behalf will help you avoid costly mistakes, such as making an admission of guilt or signing a medical release, that can hurt your case.
  • Collect evidence. Your lawyer will collect the evidence you need to prove the other motorist’s fault in causing your auto crash, the seriousness of your injuries, and the amount of compensation you are entitled to under Virginia law. This will strengthen your case and help convince the insurance company to offer you a fair settlement.
  • Negotiate your settlement. Your attorney would negotiate your settlement with the insurance company. They will have strategies and evidence to defeat the adjuster’s bogus arguments to deny your claim or pay you less than you deserve.
  • Litigate your claim. If your lawyer determines that the insurance company is not being reasonable or the statute of limitations to file your complaint will expire soon, they will file a lawsuit on your behalf and litigate your claim.

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