Anytime an accident is avoided it is a good thing.  Too many people in Virginia are injured each year in motorcycle, truck and auto accidents.  We recently reported on a decrease in drunk driving arrests and serious accidents over Labor Day Weekend.   This is good news, and we hope that the trend toward safer roads continues. 

In order to keep accidents to a minimum we must all take responsibility for our actions.  As personal injury attorneys one major issue we see is that of driver inattentiveness.  This is a danger in any situation, but especially when a motorcycle is involved.   More often than not drivers are responsible for accidents with motorcycles.  They fail to look twice before moving in traffic, they are distracted by cell phones- They hurt motorcyclists. 

If you are a biker you know all too well that you must be vigilant when in traffic.  You can never assume that the car pulling into the road or making a turn sees you.  This is your reality.  However, drivers must do their part as well.  They must learn to see bikers, to look for motorcycles each time they make a move.  Together, we can reduce the number of accidents on the roads of Virginia.

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