Medical emergencies can lead to serious – even fatal – car crashes in Virginia and North Carolina.  Often overlooked as a contributing factor in major auto accidents, medical emergencies come in many forms.  Diabetic attacks, seizures, epileptic fits, heart attacks, strokes – these are just a few examples of physical conditions that can cause a driver to lose control and crash.


An example of the seriousness of this type of incident happened in Virginia Beach this week, when a woman suffered a medical emergency while driving, and as a result crashed her vehicle into a local business. 


According to a spokesperson for the Virginia Beach Fire Department the driver had to be taken to the hospital with “advanced life support” equipment after crashing into a pawn shop in the 6400 block of Auburn Drive.  Fortunately, nobody else was injured in the crash, even though the pawn shop was occupied at the time. 


If you are hit by a driver who has suffered from a medical event while behind the wheel, you deserve fair compensation for your injuries.  While some medical emergencies happen unexpectedly, there are cases where people chose to drive when they should not, either because of a medical condition or a prescription medication or other drug that they have taken.


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