Driver error is most often cited as the cause of accidents with light rail trains. This should serve as a warning to those driving in and around Hampton Roads and Norfolk. The newly expanded light rail system is now in full swing and safety experts from Virginia and across the U.S. warn that the first year with a new light rail system is the most dangerous.

Avoiding an Accident with the Norfolk Light Rail
The best way to avoid any accident involves common sense: Watch where you are going. Pay attention to the road. Heed warning signs. It is no different with the new light rail system in Virginia. Recent light rail driver training exposed the numerous driving errors that motorists commit on a daily basis. These errors included drivers who:
·Ran a red light
·Drove the wrong way on a one way street
·Stopped on the light rail tracks
·Entered a prohibited area

It's not just drivers who can cause these accidents. Pedestrians who don't use designated crosswalks are too often hurt by an oncoming train. And sometimes, even the best trained light rail drivers make egregious errors; errors that cause a serious accident, even end a life.

Public Awareness is Crucial to Avoiding Light Rail Accidents in Va.

Let's work together to spread the word that with a little awareness the light rail system in Norfolk can be a safe alternative form of transportation. The staff and attorneys at the Virginia Beach law firm of Tavss Fletcher hope that the experts are wrong, and that together we can prevent serious light rail accidents.
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