There is nothing wrong with driving a car or truck. In fact, it's how the majority of Virginia drivers get from point A to point B. However, if your primary mode of transportation is not a motorcycle, your brain may be leaving you open to a serious accident.

The problem with being accustomed to driving a four-wheeled vehicle is that your mind tends to focus only on other cars or trucks. Because of this, it is easy to look down the road, miss seeing a motorcycle, and make a left-hand turn right in front of a biker.

Left-Hand Turn Accidents a Common Occurrence

Too often, our Virginia Beach motorcycle accident lawyers hear that the driver who hit our client never saw him coming. They thought they looked twice and scanned traffic, but that somehow the motorcycle was missed. These accidents almost always involve the biker striking the passenger side of the vehicle, indicating that the driver did in fact turn directly into the path of the motorcycle.

Because of this, the staff and attorneys at our Virginia Beach personal injury law firm want to help you "train your brain." The best way to do this is to practice looking for motorcycles in traffic. Get your kids or other passengers involved by working together to count the number of motorcycles you see. Look not once, but twice, before making a turn or merging, making sure that you are looking specifically for bikers.

If we work together to bring attention to this important issue, we have the power to lower the motorcycle accident rate in Virginia; to save lives, prevent injuries and keep our streets safe for motorcyclists.

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