Three Leading Ways Insurance Companies Try to Trick Car Accident Victims

Insurance Company Talking to Car Accident Victim on the PhoneThe negligent driver’s insurance company could try to mislead you when you file a claim for compensation for the injuries you suffered in a Norfolk or Virginia Beach car accident. They would do this to save money by denying your claim or trying to get you to accept less damages than you deserve in your settlement. The best way to not be tricked is to immediately retain a car accident attorney.

#1: You Must Provide a Recorded Statement to Settle an Auto Accident Claim

One of the most common ways the insurance adjuster may deceive you is to claim that you must give a recorded statement to settle your claim. A recorded statement is a question-and-answer session transcribed into a written document that can be used in court.

You do not need to give a recorded statement to settle your claim—do not agree to provide one. The insurance adjuster would look for any inconsistent statements you made. They might also ask you tricky or confusing questions to get you to make an admission that hurts your case. They would use this information to:

  • Discredit your statements about how the car collision occurred
  • Dispute the cause or seriousness of your injuries
  • Claim that you were entirely or partially at fault for causing the car collision

#2: You Must Accept Their First Offer to Settle Your Auto Crash Claim

Another common misleading statement the insurance company may make is that you will not get another settlement offer if you reject the first one. The insurance adjuster wants you to accept a quick settlement because they know it is for far less compensation than you deserve under Virginia law.

#3: You Do Not Need a Car Accident Lawyer to Settle Your Claim

The insurance company may tell you that you do not need an auto collision lawyer to negotiate your settlement. They may argue that the process will take longer and that you will receive less compensation because of the attorney fees you will owe.

The opposite is true. If an attorney represents you, you will likely receive substantially more compensation in your settlement. 

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