Do You Have the Signs of Placental Abruption After Your Car Crash?

You were on your way to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for an ultrasound and check-up when the accident occurred. Out of nowhere it seemed, a truck drove through a red light and slammed into the driver’s side door. Unfortunately, you were driving.

Although car accidents are potentially dangerous for anyone, they are particularly so for expectant mothers. One of the worst injuries you can suffer is placental abruption, in which the placenta tears away from the uterus. When the uterus isn’t fully connected, the baby is often deprived of oxygen and vital nutrients and could be born prematurely. Additionally, the mother can experience heavy bleeding during the shearing.

Are You and Your Baby in Danger?

Although you should always receive medical attention after involvement in an accident, you should go to a doctor immediately if you experience:

  • Vaginal bleeding. One of the most obvious signs that there is a problem in a pregnancy is vaginal bleeding. The amount of bleeding you experience with placental abruption varies greatly. If the abruption takes place gradually, you may see a small amount of blood that begins to increase over time. Some patients have heavy bleeding that starts immediately after the accident and some won’t have any bleeding at all if the blood becomes trapped inside the uterus by the placenta.
  • Abdominal and back pain. Pain in the back and stomach often begin immediately after an accident. Both can become quite severe, and may be a sign of contractions. Pain when you touch your stomach could also be a sign of trouble.

We Want to Help

A doctor can protect you medically, and the legal team of Tavss Fletcher may be able to protect you financially. Your placental abruption could result in long-term hospitalization, emergency C-section, blood transfusion, or a hysterectomy—all of which are traumatic and expensive. We may be able to help you recover the fees that can pay for these expenses. Contact us today.

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