How to Prove That Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Was Caused by an Auto Crash

Many Car Accident Victims Suffer PTSD After a WreckWhile post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often a condition experienced by veterans who have been to war, it can also be caused by the trauma of a car accident. PTSD is a serious psychological condition, and symptoms can include flashbacks, depression, inability to experience emotions, extreme anxiety, insomnia, and avoidance behaviors. It can be a debilitating condition that can prevent a victim from working and enjoying his life as he once did. If you suffer from PTSD following a motor vehicle crash, you will need to prove that your crash caused it.

Importance of Expert Testimony to Prove Your PTSD

While it is not uncommon for car accident victims to suffer from PTSD, it can be difficult to convince the negligent driver’s insurance company and jury of this. Retaining a qualified psychologist or other medical expert is essential. To prove your claim, an expert would need to explain the following:

  • How a person can develop PTSD from the trauma of a car accident
  • Symptoms of PTSD that you are experiencing
  • Causal connection between your symptoms and your motor vehicle wreck
  • How your life has been negatively impacted by your PTSD
  • What your long-term prognosis is

Other Witness Who Can Help

While an expert witness is critical to proving your PTSD was caused by your auto collision, family, friends, and co-workers can be valuable witnesses as well. They can corroborate that you exhibit the symptoms of PTSD and discuss when you first developed this condition. They can also explain how your PTSD has affected your ability to work and perform your day-to-day activities, your relationships with family and friends, and your quality of life.

How a Lawyer Can Assist You

It can be challenging to obtain the compensation that you deserve after suffering PTSD or other psychological conditions caused by a collision. However, an experienced car accident attorney will have a network of qualified experts that you can retain and will aggressively fight to protect your legal rights. Call our office to schedule your free consultation to learn more about our experience in these cases and how we can assist you.


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