Let's say that you are entering a store and getting your shopping cart when you trip over a piece of torn carpet. Your toe catches the tear in the carpet and the next thing you know you are laying on your back, pain radiating from your hip and shoulder.

Your pain is bad enough to warrant a trip to the hospital and as you lie in bed, recovering from your injuries, the phone rings. It's the store owner's insurance company, calling to check on you and to offer you a settlement. The amount of money seems like it will be enough to cover the costs of your injuries, but will it?

The True Cost of Your Accident is Higher Than You Think

The job of an insurance agent is to get you to accept the lowest possible offer. They want to save a buck at your expense. Time and again our Virginia Beach accident lawyers have spoken with accident victims who have signed a compensation offer only to find that they do not have enough money to pay their current and ongoing medical bills. Not only that, but they are having a hard time making up for their time off work or are unable to return to their job. What then?

Why You Should NEVER Sign an Insurance Form Without a Lawyer's Advice

When this happens, there is often very little we can do to help. This is why it is important that you call our experienced Virginia Beach slip and fall lawyers before signing anything. Only a lawyer who has handled thousands of personal injury claims can ensure that you are getting the money you need to recover your injuries; move on with your life. Do not hesitate; contact an attorney at Tavss Fletcher today.
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