A fatal Virginia beach car crash illustrates how deadly an unexpected medical condition can be.  A North Carolina man is dead after crashing his car on Blackwater Road, near the Virginia and North Carolina state line.


The cause of the accident?  According to police investigators, Cecil W. Davis’ pre-existing medical condition contributed to the crash – and his death.


Unexpected medical emergencies are one overlooked cause of potentially serious auto accidents.  Crashes can happen when a driver becomes incapacitated when suddenly experiencing a stroke, blackout, or other medical event that can leave them unable to drive.


Medical emergencies are more common in groups like senior citizens or those with known medical conditions like diabetes or seizure disorders.  These drivers often fact the difficult choice between the freedom offered by driving and the risk that they could be a danger to themselves or others on the road.


If you’ve been the victim of a serious auto accident, you might be surprised to find out that the accident was caused not by the other driver’s inattention or poor driving, but by a known or unknown medical condition.

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