The Price of Healing Your Compartment Syndrome is Quite High

You were walking through one of your favorite stores in the Gallery at Military Circle when your foot became stuck in a hole in the carpet. The worn rug caused you to fall on your arm awkwardly, and you heard it snap. The pain was immediate, as was the swelling. You visited the emergency room at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and, after a few x-rays, you were told your arm was fractured.

A few hours later, the pain became worse and nothing was helping it. The swelling also became more pronounced and you saw severe bruising. After a call to your doctor, he told you to return to the ER because you could have compartment syndrome.

The True Cost of Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome is a painful and potentially life-threatening condition involving increased pressure in a muscle compartment that requires immediately treatment. Unfortunately, resolving the issue isn’t cheap. Here, we take a look at what compartment syndrome can end up costing you.

  • Diagnostics. To test for compartment syndrome in a limb, a doctor inserts a needle that is connected to a pressure monitor into the suspected area. A catheter may also be inserted and left to continuously measure the amount of pressure in the area. To check for compartment syndrome in the abdomen, the pressure monitor is inserted into the bladder. As you may imagine, this type of testing can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Hospital stays. Those who suffer from compartment syndrome often spend a few days or more in the hospital, depending on the severity of the condition. Constant monitoring by the hospital staff, medications, and other testing can run a few thousand dollars a day.
  • Treatments. Compartment syndrome often requires surgery along with medication and intravenous fluid therapy. Again, such treatments typically cost thousands of dollars.

Tavss Fletcher Wants to Help

Your insurance likely won’t cover all of the costs of compartment syndrome, which means you may end up footing a majority of the bill. Since the accident wasn’t your fault, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay. Contact the legal team of Tavss Fletcher today to learn how we may be able to help you recover the fees associated with your treatment. 

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