Who Is Responsible to Compensate You for Your Injuries in a Sun Glare Auto Crash

Driver Experiencing Sun Glare While DrivingSun glare is a dangerous weather condition that can blind a driver and lead to a car accident in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. If you were injured in an auto collision caused by sun glare, you might be able to hold the blinded motorist and their insurance company responsible for compensating you for your injuries. Here is what you need to know about their liability in this type of car crash.

Actions Drivers Fail to Take That Can Cause a Sun Glare Car Collision

Sun glare occurs during sunrise and sunset hours when the sunlight is so bright that it obstructs a vehicle’s windshield and makes it difficult for the driver to see anything in front of them. It can last for a few seconds or minutes, depending on where the sun is in the sky. Sun glare can be more dangerous in the fall when the sun sits lower in the sky.

In Virginia, no law excuses a driver from liability if they cause a collision due to sun glare. As with rain, ice, snow, or fog, motorists have a duty to exercise due care and drive safely while on the road. In addition, they should know of the possibility that they will experience dangerous sun glare if they are driving during sunrise or sunset hours.

If you file a claim for your injuries in an accident, the driver and their insurance company may claim they are not liable to compensate you because sun glare and not the motorist caused the crash. However, this is not true. Here are some of the ways the driver may have caused the collision:

  • Not slowing down. Drivers must slow down or pull over to the side of the road if they are blinded by the sun. Otherwise, they will not be able to see dangers on the road or react quickly enough to avoid a wreck.
  • Not maintaining a safe distance. Motorists must leave sufficient space between other vehicles during the morning and evening hours when they could suddenly experience sun glare. When they fail to do so, they can cause a rear-end collision.
  • Not wearing sunglasses. Drivers must have polarized sunglasses readily available when driving in case sun glare occurs. Polarized sunglasses will block out some of the sun’s glare and improve visibility. Using the vehicle’s sun visor is also essential.
  • Not keeping the windshield clean. Sun glare can be even more blinding if the windshield is dirty. Motorists may be negligent if they fail to replace windshield wipers, refill their wiper fluid, or clean their windshield and cause a sun glare crash.
  • Engaging in distracted driving. Talking on a cellphone, texting, and other distracted driving practices are more dangerous and likely to lead to a wreck when a driver suddenly is blinded by sun glare.

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