Liable Parties When a Teen Student Driver Causes an Auto Accident in Norfolk

Teen Driver Causing AccidentTeen drivers under 19 years old must go through a driver's education class to learn the rules of safe driving before obtaining their driver's license in Virginia. However, while getting experience driving on Virginia Beach and Norfolk roads during the course, they are still at significant risk of causing severe auto crashes. If you were injured in a collision caused by a teen student driver, our experienced Norfolk car accident lawyers at Tavss Fletcher are here to determine the liable parties and fight for your right to compensation for your injuries.

Dangers of Teen Student Drivers

Teens often cause car accidents due to their lack of experience and unsafe driving practices, such as speeding, texting while driving, and intoxication. Teen student drivers are particularly vulnerable to causing accidents due to their limited experience and emotional immaturity. They may make mistakes or misjudge situations that result in auto crashes, even with an instructor guiding them as they drive. 

Liable Parties in a Car Accident Caused by a Teen Student Driver

Several parties may be liable for the damages and injuries in a car accident involving a teen student driver. Understanding who can be held responsible is crucial when pursuing a claim for compensation with the insurance company. The liable parties may include the following.

Teen Driver

The student driver may be held personally responsible for the accident if their negligent actions, such as reckless driving, distracted driving, or impaired driving, led to the collision. In Virginia, teen drivers can be held liable for their actions just like any other driver, and their insurance coverage may come into play to compensate victims.

Driving Instructor 

In some cases, the driving instructor accompanying the teen student driver during a lesson or driving test may share liability. If the instructor failed to provide adequate supervision or allowed the student driver to engage in dangerous behavior, they could be held accountable.

Driving School 

The driving school that provided instruction to the teen student driver may also be liable if they were negligent in their training or supervision. They may also face liability if they fail to hire qualified teachers or maintain their auto, and this caused the wreck.

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