Keeping Documentation on Time off Work after Your Virginia Accident

If you were employed and earning wages prior to your Virginia accident and can no longer work because of your injuries, you can include these losses in your Virginia personal injury claim settlement. Even if the time off work is temporary, any lost wages that result from your injuries can be included in your injury claim. 

To prove that you lost wages because of your accident, you will need evidence proving your past wages to determine what you should have been earning during your time out of work. Past tax returns and pay stubs are the types of evidence necessary for this proof.

These past records are especially important when you become permanently disabled because of your injuries and are no longer to earn wages. The estimated potential earnings for the rest of your projected working life will be a critical amount in your personal injury settlement.

You need to be honest about your limitations when questioned by the insurance companies and doctors in regards to why you cannot return to work yet, if at all. Any discrepancies in your claimed past earnings or exaggerated claims of disability that are later revealed could cost you your claim.

Virginia's contributory negligence laws do not allow for you to be found even 1% at fault for your injuries to receive compensation for your accident damages. This means that you need to be seriously diligent in how you conduct yourself following the accident and that you will need to provide substantial evidence of your complete innocence.

There are many other important factors that can help you avoid denial of your Virginia personal injury claim. An experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer can help keep your claim safe through each step of the process. 

Contacting a Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

The most important thing to remember with a Virginia personal injury claim is that you cannot be found to be at fault for your accident in any way to be eligible for a personal injury settlement.
When someone else's negligence results in a serious injury or a death that impacts your family, you deserve to have someone on your side who has a real understanding of the complex realm of Virginia personal injury law.

The Virginia personal injury lawyer team at Tavss Fletcher takes the time to get to know you and the unique details of your case in order to provide the personalized help you need. Let us handle the complicated aspects of your Virginia personal injury case while you focus on healing. Contact us today at 757-625-1214.

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