A game of I Spy is meant to be fun; a game played to keep children busy.  However, while driving, is your attention focused more on the chatter in the back seat or on the road ahead of you?  Changing the way you parent in the car could save a life.  Parental distractions occur during nearly every trip; from reaching for a sippy cup to breaking up a squabble, parents too often fall victim to distracted driving.   

If you are a driver who is paying more attention to your children than the road, a collision is inevitable.  Motorcyclists are especially aware of the threat that distracted drivers pose.  A motorcycle has a smaller profile than other, larger vehicles.  Also, since most bikers don't ride during our chilly Virginia winters, come spring drivers are unaccustomed to seeing them on the road.  These factors, and others, contribute to the high number of motorcycle accidents in Virginia.  What can be done?

The best way to avoid an accident is to keep your eyes on the road.  This may seem simple but keep tabs on your driving habits the next time you get behind the wheel.  Everyday actions, such as changing the radio station or reaching for your drink, can distract you long enough to cause a serious, even deadly accident.  Chances are you are taking undo risks when driving.  Let's work together to prevent accidents- Focus on the road.  Arrive alive!

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