Hurt Your Back in a Crash? Learn About Four Potential Treatments.

You were stopped at a red light on Hampton Boulevard, at the intersection with West 41st Street in Norfolk, when you saw a car in your rearview mirror—barreling towards you. Suddenly, you realized that it was not going to stop. A second or two later, you then felt a tremendous jolt from behind as the car rear-ended your vehicle.

A few minutes later, when the investigating police officer asked if you needed an ambulance, you refused. Other than a few bruises, you did not think you were hurt. You were more worried about the damage to your car. However, the next morning, you could hardly move because your back was so sore. You went to the emergency room, desperate for relief from the pain.

Back injuries are quite common after a serious car accident. When you hurt your back in a crash, your doctor will examine you and then order tests, such as x-rays or a MRI, as needed to diagnose your specific injury. He may then use one or more of the following treatments to help relieve your pain and other symptoms:

  • Medication – Back injuries can be very painful—even debilitating. Your doctor may suggest an over-the-counter pain reliever, muscle relaxant, prescription pain medication, or a nerve-blocking injection to help alleviate your symptoms.
  • Physical therapy – Physical therapy can help you recover from your back injury by strengthening the muscles in the back and improving flexibility. Because each injury is different, a therapist will work to create an individualized plan for your recovery.
  • Surgery – Some back injuries are so severe that pain relief and improved function can only be achieved with surgery. The type of surgery required depends on your injury.
  • Rest – For minor back injuries, recovery may be a function of time and rest—the body will heal itself.


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