Did you know that anyone with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .15 is more than 300 times more likely to get in a car accident than a sober driver? And, while you may not drink and drive, what about the guests at your parties and get-togethers? Would you allow them to drive even if you suspected they should not be behind the wheel?

Make a Plan Before Party Time

We understand that asking that someone not to drive after drinking can be socially awkward. This is why we urge you to let people know that you would like them to choose a sober ride home before they arrive at your event.

While you are planning what food to serve and what drinks to offer, give extra thought to how you, as the host of the party, can ensure that your guests make it home safely. Some of the more useful tips for preventing your friends and family members from drinking and driving include: 

  • Ahead of time, arrange carpools, cabs, or a place to stay for all of your guests
  • Serve food high in protein and carbohydrates
  • Put various non-alcoholic drinks out in plain sight

As Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer,s we have seen the terrible impact drunk drivers have on the lives of those they hit. When thinking about your next gathering, we urge you to think, "Do I want to be responsible for letting my drunk friend leave the house and get into an accident?"

The Virginia Beach drunk driving accident law firm of Tavss Fletcher hope that we can work together to lessen the impact that drunk driving has on the lives of too many. If you have been hurt during an accident in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or anywhere in Virginia, please call 757.625.1214 for your confidential consultation.

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