Welcome to the 21st century, Virginia! Thanks to a recent accident reporting update, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has joined the tech-age. Now, anyone involved in a car accident in Virginia Beach or throughout the state can search for and find information on their accident.

Benefits of the New System

The new system, Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS), allows police to enter crash reports online. These reports are then available to anyone interested in the details of the crash. Citizens are not the only group of people who can use the information. 

Researchers and safety advocates can use it identify accident trends. After identifying the places where multiple traffic accidents are occurring, local officials can decide the best way to make the area safer and prevent accidents.

How to Use TREDS After an Auto Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident where police were present, you can look up the details of the crash. This information is particularly useful if you are considering filing a lawsuit for damages and injuries related to the accident. 

Taking the crash report to your Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer during your initial consultation will help you make better use of your time. These reports are often a good place to start and will allow your attorney to get a better idea of the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Was the other driver cited for any traffic violations? What was the exact time the accident occurred? Were there any witnesses?   

As Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys, we hope that the new system helps streamline the accident reporting process, something that will benefit all drivers in Virginia. 

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